Infused Water Recipes

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Now that I’m working at camp all day, I need to make sure I’m always hydrated. I love water and I usually inhale it. From time to time though, I find myself craving juices and sodas. I’ve been reading about fruit infused waters and how they can give you an extra ‘boost’ throughout the day, cleanse your body and taste better than juice (wins all around!).

It’s pretty easy to make your own fruit water! Just slice up the fruit in the guide below and add them to either a pitcher or bottle of water. You can add as little or as much fruit that you’d like; which will either give you a light or strong flavour.

Strawberries + kiwi + cucumber = digestion
Cucumber + lemon + mint = refresher
Orange + lemon + lime = immune boost
Raspberries + lemon + mint = refresher

(Penulis tidak diketahui | info dari surat elektronik)

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